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Oscar Mouse Editor--- Tailor-made, Dominate the Play.

Turn Complexity into Simplicity; Dominate the Play!

For an ordinary computer mouse, the moue itself is restricted by its default settings, even for those programmable ones, you are still bounded by its limited applications. And now, A4Tech’s X7 Oscar Editor, you may program the preferable scripts to upgrade your mouse effortlessly and share with others. It breaks through this barrier, users are able to establish homemade programs by using simple logic commands (such as “Loop”, “If”, “Equal to”, “Interval Repeat”, “Jump”…etc.) or by using command combinations (like “Change the Time Delay between commands”, “Control cursor absolute/relative displacements”, “Mouse simulation”, “Keyboard simulation”, “Record the keyboard & mouse continuous actions”…etc.). Simplicity, high effectiveness, and the overwhelming power of Oscar will bring you the unprecedented experience and dominate the play!

Oscar Mouse Editor is not only activate the mouse functionality, but also simplifying the use of a mouse. It is another revolutionary technology milestone in the mouse and keyboard history.

Oscar Classical Script Exchange Site --- Sharing more Programs

With A4Tech Oscar Mouse Marco Editor, you may program the classical scripts, then upload it and share with others to “Oscar Classical Script Exchange Site”.Then, you may download preferable scripts from the site and upgrade your mouse immediately and effortlessly! For more details, you may click the “Link to More Scripts” on the Oscar main screen.

Campaign duration : From 2007, every 2 months .

Enroll qualifications : everyone has numerous opportunities, but requested different scripts .

Top Ranking : the more your script was downloaded, the higher your ranking is during our bimonthly statistics .

Prizes on offers : Top 10 Scripts (during bimonthly statistics) could obtain our X7 honorable prizes !

  • First Prize: 1x a value of …
  • Second Prize: 2x a value of …
  • Third Prize: 3x a value of …
  • Fourth Prize: 4x a value of …